Welding and Joining Technologies

Altınay Robotic Technologies, works with highest technology for Turkish and international automotive industry. We colloboratewith pioneering companies working in robotic welding technologies and jig production in transportation and aerospace industries

In parts joining areas, following requirement analysis, we offer our customers the most suitable solutions among arc welding, spot welding, laser welding, projection welding, seam welding, riveting, clinching and bonding processes

We manage the project design process with our customers, we increase the production performance in “welding technologies“ by using the latest technology products. In configuration, commissioning, maintenance and service processes, we increase project efficiency and reduce production costs.

We Design Improved Solutions in Welding and Joining Technologies

Robotic welding easily meets the need for optimum functional safety by eliminating the effect of part complexity with a simple level of automation. Quality increases, repeatability increases, part production quantities meet the same standard and target optimization becomes easier.

Welding technologies progress in parallel with the development of products. Vehicles improve, lightweight materials are used, more complex geometries are created for the most ideal designs, and quality demands increase, creating new manufacturing challenges.

In the production of vehicle body and lower parts, we have achieved expertise in design, production and assembly details thanks to many metal part production projects we have realized, and we raise our standards with the companies we work with.

Welding Cells

Our 25+ years of experience makes Altınay Robot Technologies your integration partner in metal part production and joining technologies.

Exhaust Systems and Mufflers

Seating Frames and Recliners

Metal Body Parts and Sub-groups

Frames, Pillars and Other Welding Parts

Cross Members, Engine Frames

Suspension Arms, Shock Sturts

Front Frame, Dashboard Frames

Rear Axles

Hinges and Other Welding Parts

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