Vehicle Body Production Technologies

With the analyzes of our experienced staff in vehicle body production projects, we work for correct repeatability the vehicle geometry and welding points, and we take care that the production lines are lean and safe. We adjust the line and regular production flow according to the required cycle time and annual production rate.

Thanks to our engineering knowledge and use of verification software in the designs we have developed, we examine the project processes in detail.

Being the first company in Turkey who produced BIW lines, we manage the the process together with our customers in installation phase of projects verified by mechanical analysis, robot simulation, virtual commissioning phases We provide high efficiency thanks to cycle tests and component tests.

We have successfully completed “Vehicle Body Production Projects“
that produced more than 1.5 million cars.

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We are ready to share with you our flexible production lines and high engineering knowledge in vehicle body production technologies.

Arc Welding

Spot Welding


Laser Source

Edge Curling



Stud Welding

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