We Are Pursuing The Future

“For 25+ years, we have been walking on our technology path with determination, working for the factories of the future, providing the best solution and the highest quality service to our customers.“

Altınay Robot Technologies has always set its target as ‘contributing to technology at national level’ in its adventure of more than 25 years. Today, we continue to serve the industry with a structure that has transformed from Altınay Robot Technologies into Altınay Technology Group and within this structure, we supply innovative solutions to the industry. Thanks to all colleagues who have supported us so far and who believe in our values ​​and our goals, we are committed to contribute to our customers with value-added projects and and also to contribute to technology in Turkey. We continue to restructure and improve ourselves in future, without ignoring our responsibility to be the first in robot and automation areas.

We are working to offer you the best and to bring future systems to you with the projects that we develop in our R&D center. We are “Pursuing the Future” with new technologies and production systems, smart factories, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and other issues. This is because we keep alive the two important concepts of our founder Hakan Altınay, firstly to be a company that produces and uses knowledge and secondly to be a company that has a word in its field in the world.

In line with these goals, we educate people in our country and we want to raise our technology to upper levels with our own people. By improving communication and process flow with new talents and with the solutions we offer nationally and internationally, we position our R & D structure to a global level and we reach new markets by increasing our market penetration by strengthening ourselves in critical technologies and in technologies of the future.

We are aware of how valuable it is to work for the future. We will continue this technology journey, in which we believe that the role of digitalization and robots will gradually increase, together with all my valuable colleagues, with our desire to do the best, and with our strong communication and corporate structure.

I would like to thank all my friends and all our business partners who deem us worthy of working with them,

With my best regards…

Ömer Eren

General Manager
Altınay Robot Technologies

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