Your Solution Partner in Production

Engineering Consulting

Altınay Robotic Technologies producing Turkey’s first industrial robot and increasing their experience for more than 25 years in the fields of robotic engineering, mechanical engineering, competency models and jig manufacturing, has been assigned to projects in the national and international automotive industry and is a leader in its field in Turkey. Feasibility studies and simulation are the basic components of engineering consulting that require a high level of expertise in production technologies.

With our extensive design and production capacity, we develop efficient production strategies in process engineering and design, turnkey single-cell welding applications, multi-robot production lines and complex multiplation projects, and provide high-quality technical support to our customers to realize their vehicle components in the best possible way.

What distinguishes us from others is our ability to analyze and interpret the advantages and disadvantages of all technologies that can be used in projects with different experiences gained in hundreds of projects.

Our consulting services cover the following areas

Research and Development
Advanced Detail Processing
Mechanical Engineering and Design
Process Flow Identification and Verification
Automation Engineering and Design
Finite Element Analysis Simulations
Process Simulation
Robot Simulation and Offline Programming
Virtual Commissioning
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