Automated Storage Solutions

In-plant parts transfer plays a crucial role in the flow of parts in automotive and where there is high volume production. Transfer systems can perform all transports starting from the first part of sub-product warehouses, passing through many transfer points until the end product. We offer solutions with our experience for the handling equipment and method encountered on this long journey.

Our solutions include ASRS solutions with high and different weight capacities for small loads and palletized loading requirements and also include connected transfer conveyors, and roller and pallet conveyors. Robot cells and special robot hand designs are used for in-warehouse part handling requirements.

In-house transfer solutions that we offer according to production volume and area, can be listed as ground and air conveyor systems, robotic transfer stations, lift or linear transfer equipment, fork mechanisms and lift solutions, and roller conveyors and skid systems and cumulative conveyor systems.

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Warehouse automation is the system that allow us to control the entry and exit of products fully automatically. Priority performance criteria in a warehouse automation are warehouse capacity, product flow density, layout choices, easy use, and a powerful warehouse software. We develop warehouse solutions by taking into account the performance criteria according to the types and characteristics of the products to be stored in the warehouse, and present them to our customers.

The fully automated warehouse solutions we have designed provide safe design, strong mechanical structure, long life, high accuracy, fast and flexible operation to the users with minimum human intervention, while the robotic transport unit has the ability to move in 3 axes in a fully automated ASRS project. Rack units for product storage are system components and these components form a corridor of the ASRS system. Storage scenarios are increased by easily reproducing these corridors according to the capacity.

With ASRS solutions, ergonomics and working conditions are improved, waiting and pause times are reduced, the rate of access to the right material is increased, intermediate stocks are reduced, warehouse capacities are increased with the corridor structure and high shelf use, space saving is maximized and the time to reach a product is minimized.


AGV are mobile robots used in in-plant transfers that can be equipped with different shapes and functions. AGVs, that is, mobile robots, have a wide range of types from line-following types to types that can detect the factory fully autonomously and define their own targets. They are also used in the production factories of many industries, mainly automotive, starting from carrying parts or pallets to assembled or final product transportation, .

Nowadays, the need for transfer equipment that is fully compatible with these automated systems is increasing in logistics of factories, where the rate of automation is increasing, and the solution that will best meet this need is mobile robots, in other words AGVs. As a result of the correct AGV structure and projecting, high performance is achieved with the most compatible factory automation adaptation and a reduction in in-plant costs is achieved. It provides rapid optimization in factory product transfer planning. It eliminates the above-normal product traffic. With these advantages, they provide minimization of in-plant work and space usage. Thus, savings are also achieved in production areas. Increasing the use of AGV transfer in production, enables the whole system to be more connected to each other, and helps to form a fast connection from warehouse to final product shipment

We offer products with different carrying capacities in AGV systems, and increase our diversity from solutions with 100 and 250 kilograms of light carrying capacity. to 500 and 1000 kilogram high-capacity products We also increase our application flexibility with additional functions designed specifically for the process located on AGVs.

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