Your Solution Partner in Production

Standard Solutions

We, Altınay Robot Technologies, organize and structure many of the equipment we have developed for our future projects and add them to our design library. While these projects and applications we have realized increase the variety of our standart solutions, they also enable us to offer innovative, robust and tested products to our customers thanks to our modular structures.

Altınay Welding Cell Series

An important part of our standard products are those used in welding projects. The workpiece positioners that provide a wide range of use are the most widely used product type. The heavy and dimensionally large workpieces, having complex geometries trigger the use of more robots in the welding processes on them, leading to different product needs. These requirements also create the need for a larger working volume and capacity of the welding robot. Positioners are ideal for changing workpieces during applications such as arc welding and cutting.

Diversity and High Accuracy

Our combo systems in arc welding applications are a real added value in efficiency. In our solutions created with combo systems, while saving up to 40% space, the accessibility of the welding torch is significantly increased and is integrated faster.

With optimally selected components, tried and tested welding standards, our standard robotic welding cell is the ideal solution for your automatic welding needs. With our mechanical engineering infrastructure, our standard cells are the most suitable solution for your costs with their compact footprint and 30% shorter delivery times
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