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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 concept, one of the most important concepts of the last 5 years, actually emerges by combining information and production technologies. This concept is the simultaneous controlling of industrial supply chains that can be monitored in real time and that can be controlled independently from the environment, and those connected to each other by the communication mesh of modular structures created in production.

Incorporating most of these concepts and technologies, end-to-end automation-managed production flow, flexible robotic assembly lines and high-technology assisted operators will create the future smart factories.
These systems, which place machine and human cooperation at the center, will be of key importance for machines and people to work together in the same working area in a production facility established today and also in the future.

We, Altınay Robot Technologies, always look for the future and work for “smart factories“ that contain the concept of industry 4.0. We develop all new concepts such as machine learning, machine vision, digital twin, big data analysis, augmented reality, machine and human cooperation, autonomous control, modularity, artificial intelligence for you, and we offer you solutions to adapt them to your production efficiently with all our R&D and engineer staff.
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