Otomotiv (Ana ve Yan Sanayi) -

Every year, more than 1.5 million cars, light commercial and heavy duty vehicles are manufactured on lines that were designed, produced and installed by ALTINAY. Our engineering and application experience has proved itself in the Automotive Production industry.
With over 20 years’ experience in robot based flexible production system integration experience, we cooperate with our customers from the stage of vehicle design & concurrent engineering.
Our efficiency and reliability not only lies in the depth of our engineering expertise, but on the following know-how accumulated over countless projects:
• Solution Library for Body-In-White (BIW)framing, bodysides , underbody and closure lines
• Proprietary equipment for assembly , handling and transfer lines
• Proprietary automation and robotic programming routines for automotive production
• Standardized fixture equipment for short design and , assembly times with problem free maintenance
• Whole line robotic simulation, feasibility and offline programming
Our solution library, proprietary equipment, as well as automation and robotic programming routines allow us to reduce design, production and assembly lead-times. This translates in robustdesigns and durable turnkey solutions with long life-cycles for fully automated process and production lines. We also excel in modification, automation and renovation of existing production lines.
Multi-derivative line design and production is an area where ALTINAY solutions are particularly successful. Whether it is a single cell, a line modernization, or a full turnkey plant, our customers enjoy peace of mind, knowing that ALTINAY will deliver on time, all the time.
Areas of expertise:

  • Kaporta Atelyesi (Body in White; Kasayanı Hatları, Kapı Hatları, Şasi Hatları, Evlendirme Hatları, Detay Kaynak Hatları)
  • Montaj Atelyesi (Final Assembly)
  • Kaynak Atelyesi
  • Montaj Hatları (Transfer Hatları, Montaj Hatları, Alt montaj Hatları)
  • Robotik Hücreler
  • Preshane (Pres Transfer Hatları, Pres Alt üniteler)
  • Boyahane (Boya işlem otomasyonu, Sızdırmazlık/Contalama, Konveyör Sistemleri, Boya Hatları, Kaplama)
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